LunaShow – entertainment and prize games for children

November 21, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Turn off all electronic devices, turn off the TV and come have fun with us – TOGHETHER AND LIVE at luna park Boby & Kelly – Sofia’s one and only luna park.  

Every Saturday at 6.30 pm our animators will be waiting for you – to play pirates, to defeat Darth Vader from Star Wars, to reveal the secret of the Egyptian pharaoh or just dance! 

There will be a lot of fun, dancing and competitions, and the winners will take home original thematic prizes. 

Check the dates of your favorite LunaShows – the leading role is yours!   

05.09 / 03.10 / 14.11   Pirate Show

After many attacks in the endless oceans, the great pirate Galleon of Captain Cook dropped anchor at Boby and Kelly’s and the pirates decided to turn the luna park into their new secret.

Dive into pirate adventures! Take part in a fierce battle and swim across the ocean to discover hidden gold treasures and gifts!

12.09   Bubble show

Enchanting and captivating performance! Accompanied by light and music. Giant soap bubbles transcending into different colors and shapes. Bubble rain and trail of soap bubbles.  Bubble with fire, smoke, resembling a volcano, and finally – a man inside a giant soap bubble!

10.10 / 07.11   Star Wars

For the first time in Bulgaria, Star Wars comes off the big screen to the stage here in the luna park!
Expect an intergalactic battle! Will Darth Vader fulfil his infernal plan or will the Jedi save the world? Come, let’s have a blast together!

19.09 / 17.10 / 21.11   Egyptian show  

Go way back into the past, when pharaohs ruled, gods walked amongst people, mummies came to life and the ancient pyramids were hiding their secrets and labyrinths! Join in and win mystical prizes!

26.09 / 24.10 / 28.11   Disco party

A real music fiesta! Have fun in the rhythm of dance!                                                 Get ready for a lot of songs, dancing, music and prizes for the best dancers!

31.10    Halloween party

Luna park Boby & Kelly will be full of life.. or, more like, full of terror! The scariest event of autumn! Skeletons, monsters, zombies, vampires, ghosts, werewolves… They will be waiting for you on October31st! This is your chance! … maybe last chance.

On October 31st set free your thrill seeking spirit; dress as a monster from head to toe and come compete together against the ghosts for the big prizes!

LunaShow price: 5 BGN /Participation included/  Important note: the price does not apply to the Halloween party.

If you buy a ticket for unlimited use of all rides, LunaShow and participation for the child and the accompanying adult are free. Ticket price: 28 BGN
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