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Subject: This Cookies Policy (Policy) describes how we use “cookies” on our website („The Website”).

Privacy Policy: Please, also read our Privacy Policy about how we process personal data in relation to the Website.

Who we are:

The website is owned and managed by THE POINT ENTERTAINMENT OOD, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria under UIC 203523068 with its seat and registered address at Children Entertainment Centre Park Boby & Kelly (Patilantsi), Philip Avramov blvd, Mladost 3, Mladost district, Sofia municipality, 1712 Sofia, Bulgaria (“The Point”, “we”, “us”).

What are “cookies” “Cookies” are small data files, sent by a particular website and stored on the user device. “Cookies” have been developed as a mechanism through which websites remember information or store the user’s browser activity.

Authentication “cookies”, for example, are a usual method used by web servers to establish whether the user is logged in or not and with which account; tracking “cookies” can be used to monitor the user’s browsing history. “Cookies” can be used for storing information entered by the user in certain fields, etc.

Why we use “cookies” We use “cookies” for the following purposes:

  • For the proper functioning of the Website;
  • To add a particular functionality to the Website (e.g. subscription, registration, multimedia content, sharing option to and from social media);
  • For user individualization after he/she signs in to his/her profile;
  • To remember the settings from your sessions and in the fields you fill in;
  • To communicate with you;
  • To measure and monitor traffic, to analyze the usage of the Website and to improve it;
  • To make our marketing more effective and for promotional purposes;
  • To maintain security measures and identify possible frauds or malicious actions.

What type of “cookies” we use: The Website uses the following types of “cookies”:

  • Required – these “cookies” are essential to the operation of certain parts of the Website and without them those parts will not function properly;
  • Functional – these “cookies” help the Website remember your choice and information you enter when using it and offers options for individualization;
  • Analytics and Efficiency – these “cookies” are used for monitoring of the use and operation of the Website, e.g. determining the number of pages visited, number of unique visitors, etc. The information is anonymous (i.e. it is not used to identify you and does not contain personal data such as name or email) and is used solely for statistical purposes for measuring and monitoring of traffic, analysis of the usage of the Website and for its improvement. These analytics services may be executed by third parties (see below);
  • Advertising – these “cookies” are saved on your device in order to remember that you have visited a particular website and your browsing history and use this information in order to serve you content or ads, both on the Website and outside of it, which are customized to your interests.   These “cookies” may be managed by third parties (see below). Please, note that if you do not accept such advertising “cookies” you shall still see ads on the Website and on the Internet, but they shall not be based on your browsing activity.

Third party “cookies”: These are “cookies” managed by other organizations, not by us. This includes “cookies” from:

  • Google Analytics – which help us understand the Website usage. The “cookies” collect anonymized information, including number of Website visitors, where the Website visitors came from, the pages they visited, etc. and we use the information only for statistical purposes, to measure and monitor traffic, to analyze the use of the Website and to improve it. Follow this link to opt out;:
  • Social media and multimedia “cookies” – on our Website we might have integrated certain functionalities, connected to social media, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and which support the possibility to connect through such social media channels. On our Website we might also include multimedia content and players, e.g. from Vimeo or YouTube. When you visit a page with content, integrated from such social media or multimedia providers, these third parties might store their own “cookies” on your device. The Website uses such third party “cookies” in order to support the integration of the respective content, but, please note, that such “cookies” might be additionally used by the third party, which initially sets them. We do not control the use of such “cookies” by third parties and have no access to them. Please, check the respective websites of the third parties for more information regarding such “cookies”.
  • Other functional “cookies” – can be stored on your device by the providers of services, integrated into the Website, e.g. Adobe or The Rocket Science Group;
  • Advertising partners – this shall be mainly Google (Doubleclick, AdSense), who use “cookies” to serve you ads and to allow us to manage our relations in connection to and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, e.g. through monitoring the number of unique users, who have loaded a specific ad or have followed a link in an ad, etc.

Storage period for “cookies”: The Website sets session and persistent “cookies”. Session “cookies” are temporary files, which remain on your device until the end of the session or until the app is closed. Persistent “cookies” remain on your device for the period, determined by the respective parameters of the “cookies” or until you delete them. You can delete the “cookies” from your device at any time.

 How to manage or opt out of “cookies”: If you do not want to store “cookies” on your device, you can turn off “cookies” on your device by modifying the settings of your browser so that it does not accept “cookies”. It is also possible to manage “cookies” by following the steps below, but you have to consider that you might lose some Website functions or functionalities.

“Cookies”, including those which have already been saved, can be deleted from your device. You can also modify the settings/preferences of your browser for “cookies” management.

Some browsers have a „Do Not Track” or “DNT” setting, which sends a signal to the websites, through which it requires that browsing activity is not monitored.

In some cases you can choose to accept “cookies” from one party (e.g. the party managing the website), but block all other “cookies” from third parties.  In other cases you can block “cookies” from specific advertisers or clear all “cookies”. Each browser operates differently and you can check the help menu of your browser for more details. The following links can also be useful for the most popular browsers (in English):

You can click and follow this link in order to opt out of “cookies” from Google Analytics:

If you want to control the use of Flash “cookies” on your computer, the Adobe website offers an instrument for that.

Please, note that these are third party websites which are not managed by us and we do not take responsibility for their use, content or instructions.

Your consent for “cookies”: Our Cookies policy and Privacy Policy shall be published on our Website. When you visit the Website for the first time, we shall present you you with a “cookie” notification with a reference to this Policy. When you consent to the use of “cookies” or when your browser is set to accept “cookies”, we consider this, together with our “cookies” notification and the subsequent use of our Website by you as a clear confirmatory action that you agree with the use of the respective “cookies”. You can withdraw your consent at any time.