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Jump into the sea of Fantasy, Adventures and Adrenaline!

Choose the type of attraction that suits you best:
Батут Сафари

Inflatable Jump Safari

We present to you our latest ride, the inflatable jump “Safari”! Turn the child’s desire to jump into reality and instead of jumping at home on the bed, try the inflatable jump in Lunapark Boby & Kelly in complete safety.

Батут за весели подскоци (на закрито)

Happy Bounce Trampoline (Indoor)

Some people claim they have seen Boby doing his maths homework on the trampoline?! What do you say??? Can this be true?

Формула 1

Formula 1

Do you want to feel the adrenaline of a real racing driver? Try our professional Formula 1 simulator! Behind the wheel you will feel the thrill of the high speed, the mastering of big and small turns and the roar of the powerful engine.

Аркадни игри

Arcade games

Super Motorcycle / NASCAR Arcade / Fright Night / Pirate Captain / Sammy the Jumping Dog / Minion / Crane / Toy Station / Sticker Tattoos / Flipper
*Arcade games are coin operated and are not included in package prices or daily tickets.

Детски киди райдс

Kiddy Rides

Moto GP / Police Motorcycle / Safari Jeep / Park Ranger Jeep / Police Helicopter / Air Hockey / Basketball
Suitable for: Small kids; height up to 80 cm.
The attractions are coin operated and are not included in package prices or daily tickets.

Гондолата на Капитан Кук

Captain Cook’s Gondola

A pirate ship in Sofia? In the air, and not in the water? Steered and guarded by Captain Cook himself? Welcome! It’s here, with us. Boby and Kelly will be on board too. We promise.


Photo Portrait

Рисунки върху лице

Face Painting

Въздушни оръдия

Air Cannons

It doesn’t matter if you’re 4 or 40 if the child in you wants to have fun! That’s how it is with the air cannons – kids, grown-ups, together or against each other, having a good time is guaranteed! Numerous times have Boby and Kelly stayed after sunset, finishing the last game.

Детски кът плейграунд Голяма джунгла

Kids’ Playground Big Jungle

Cross the fairy-tale playground and enter the big jungle – there you will find the entrance to Boby and Kelly’s world.
The attraction is suitable for: Children; min. height: 100 cm.

Детски кът плейграунд Малка джунгла

Kids’ Playground Little Jungle

A fairy-tale playground with a fun slide, a ball pool and exciting big toys. To make it even more fun, build a castle from the giant Lego blocks!
The attraction is suitable for: Small kids; height up to 80 cm.

Боинг симулатор

Boeing 747 – Airplane Simulator

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying through the sky on board Boeing 747? You enter, the door closes and you are transferred into a parallel reality. The speed takes you into a virtual world of your choice – Formula 1, flying cars of the future, a train in the cosmic canyon…

Влакчета котета

The Kitty Train

The Kitty Train is intended for our smaller friends. We are sure that Boby and Kelly will wave from the other side of the lost lake, around which the train travels, and Igor the Cat will wink at you, lying comfortably in the first car.

Мини карусел

Mini Carousel

A classic carousel with horses.
Suitable for: Small kids; height up to 80 cm.
The attraction is coin operated and is not included in package prices or daily tickets.

Замъкът въртележка

Castle Carousel

Take a ride with Boby and Kelly around the mysterious castle in a helicopter, a flying car, and why not – on a pink elephant! If you dare, you can also ride the fire-breathing dragon. Are you coming?

Чаените чашки

Tea Cups

Make yourself comfortable next to Boby and Kelly in our tea cups. If you’re lucky, The Great Teapot in the middle might whisper in your ear one of the fantastic stories about Alice and the talking White Rabbit. Meanwhile, look out and beware of the army of scarabs, living under the cups.

Батут за весели подскоци (на открито)

Happy Bounce Trampoline (Outdoor)

When jumping on the bed at home evolves into overcoming gravity in the open air. Bounce, bounce, bounce…

Мънки джъмп

Monkey Jump

You are looking for thrill and adrenaline? You want to touch the sky, fly to the ground, shoot upwards and then suddenly hang between the earth and the sky? Join Boby and Kelly on Monkey Jump and.. fly off!

Скачащо бъги

Jump Around

Jump Around is one of the favorites among kids of all ages. One wild ride is not enough, Boby and Kelly are convinced that you will want to ride again and again.


Due to the rules for safe play and hygiene, shoes have to be taken off in the Big Jungle and Little Jungle Playgrounds and Air Cannons.  Children must be wearing socks and/or soft sole slippers.  The rule applies all year round (spring, summer, autumn and winter).