Ticket for single use of one ride for 1 child or 1 adult


The ticket includes:

This ticket entitles you to a single ride on one ride.  You can buy several tickets if you want the child to try only specific rides or if you want to ride with them. They are the perfect “demo”.


Indoor in the castle: Kids’ playground Little Jungle with two levels, Kids’ playground Big Jungle with three levels, Air Cannons with foam balls, Boeing 747 – Airplane Simulator and Captain Cook’s Gondola.

Outdoor in the garden: Drop tower Monkey Jump, Castle Carousel, Tea Cups Carousel, Happy Bounce Trampoline, Kitty Train and Jump Around .

Children 0-3 years old use rides with an attendant, if necessary. Attendants ride for free.

*Please, note that we consider as attendant only 1 (one) person, who has to be over 18 years of age. A second attendant of the same child would have to pay for using the ride.  

Luna park Boby & Kelly Team

Operators – each ride has at least 1 operator, whose task is to seat the children on the rides and oversee their comfort and safety. (In the Jungle playground there are 2 to 6 operators).

Entertainers – take individual care of each child and/or a group of children, including accompanying them around the rides, playing with the child/children. If necessary, ride on the rides with them. The service has to be booked in advance for an additional fee.

Animators – a creative team of professional actors and animators, who entertain the guests with a theater and dance program, including entertaining and relay games with the children. The service has to be booked in advance for an additional fee.